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Smartbath: Walk-In Safety Tub


SmartBath offers high quality walk-in safety tubs. These are a great option if you or someone you know is:

  • has difficulty stepping in or out of a tub or shower safely

  • afraid of slipping in or out of the shower or tub

  • disabled or has medical issues


SmartBath can also do any additional bathroom modifications or remodeling that is desired. 

Our walk-in tub allows for taking baths up to the chest level. There are many medical and health benefits of the using a walk-in safety tub including: easing muscle strain, reducing arthritis pain, increasing circulation and much more. These safety tubs are also great for sitz baths (up to the hips) and for

hot foot baths (up to the calves). Foot baths are great for relieving cold feet and if you set the water temperature cooler, it can help relieve itchy skin. These safety tubs are great for the elderly and disabled. Call SmartBath at 1-800-966-3083 or complete the Contact Us Form to learn more or to schedule a free in-home consultation about our walk-in tubs. 

Smartbath: Walk-In Safety Tub

Walk-in Tub Features:

  • Optional safety temperature control lets you fill your walk-in tub with confidence that the water temperature is always correct and safe.

  • Hydrotherapy jets with air massage system

  • 1500W in-line water heater

  • Left or right door opening

  • Strong steel frame

  • Lifetime warranty on the seal

Additional Options:

  • Call button to signal for help in another room

  • Pulsating directional jets

  • Walk-in ramp

  • A variety of decorative options such as soap dishes, faucets, etc.

Walk-In Tub Dimensions:

  • Width: 31 inches (2.6 feet)

  • Height: 39 inches (3.25 feet)

  • Length: 53 inches (4.41 feet)

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