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How It Works

Acrylic liners are a fast and clean way to remodel bathrooms without compromising aesthetics. Most installations are completed in just one day and typically save customers thousands of dollars. Acrylic liners offer you a simple way to update your bathroom without the mess of tearing out old fixtures.

  • SmartBath uses special equipment to measure your existing tub and/or shower, and take pictures.

  • With that information we manufacture a liner that fits like a glove over your existing tub. We follow the same process to cover your walls.

  • All original surfaces are grinded and primed for a permanent adhesion to the foundation

  • Permanently flexible butyl tape and silicone adhesives allow the system to expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes.

  • Your existing tub and/or shower and walls are covered with a new, custom fitted, durable facing. By installing over the old fixtures, the acrylic material has a strong, solid base without flex. Acrylic will retain its shine and is easier to clean. All tub liners are custom-fit to your bathtub

  • Each liner includes a slip-resistant pattern molded into the basin, and there are a variety of colors and finishes available.

  • Our thermo-formed drain relieves stress and prevents leaks.

  • Triple-lock seals in all corners provide a secure water barrier.

  • We are so confident that we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty!

For More Information or to schedule your FREE in-home consultation please Call 1-800-966-3083 or fill out the Contact Us Form.

Smartbath: Acrylic Liners
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