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Low Flow Water Saving Eco Flush Toilet Accessory

Flush Choice is a Retrofit Water Saving Toilet Valve Kit.

Saves money on your water utility bill, saves our precious water resources, reduces the polluted septic water, and the chemicals and energy used in the purification process. For a family of four a toilet equipped with FLUSHCHOICE™ can save up-to 20,000 gallons of water in one year.

FLUSHCHOICE™ is designed as a universal retrofit for most two piece toilets. FLUSHCHOICE™ is designed for ultimate simplicity for the Do It Yourself market with an easy installation time of 30 minutes or less.

By moving the selector flush handle left, the toilet will flush only half of the water stored in the holding tank. By moving the selector flush handle right, the toilet will flush a full volume of water.

A unique feature built into FLUSHCHOICE™ is the option to select and vary the volume of flush water. The half and full flush volumes can be individually adjusted at the time of installation.

FLUSHCHOICE™ is made of highest quality materials selected for long life and 1 year warranty. Fully compatible with use of any tank aids (tablets, chlorine, cleaning and disinfecting chemicals).


This is much cheaper than buying a low flow water saving toilet. Why spend the money to replace a working toilet when you can upgrade it with FLUSHCHOICE? And when you do decide to get a new toilet, FLUSHCHOICE can be moved to the new toilet or a different one. 

Call 1-800-966-3083 or fill out our Contact Us Form to order one or more FLUSHCHOICE units for your home.